Milk Is Amazing

Milk is used in making the most delicious foods – from cheese, to yogurt, to butter and ice cream milk truly is AMAZING!

Fact #1

One tall glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients required for optimal health, including vitamins A & D, potassium, riboflavin, protein, and calcium— everything you need for strong bones, a healthy heart, and a body that functions at peak performance.

Fact #2

All it takes is three servings of a dairy product each today: a glass of milk, some cheese, and a container of yogurt, and there you have it!

Fact #3

There’s nothing like milk to fuel a child’s growth.

Fact #4

Milk is packed with protein. Chocolate milk is a popular “recovery” drink after exercise. All that protein helps muscles repair and grow.

Milk Q&A

What makes cow’s milk good food for people?

Cow’s milk is rich with calcium which builds strong teeth and bones throughout your whole life.

Do dairy farmers live with their cows?

Most dairy farmers in New York State either live on or very near their farm.

Brown cows make chocolate milk, right?

No, silly! Brown cows are mostly Jersey cows with richer, creamier milk.

How do you tell cows apart?

Cows have different characteristics and personalities, too, just like every animal. A holstein (the white cows with the black spots) has unique markings: no two holsteins are marked exactly the same. Those black spots are like finger prints! Also, each cow has it's own earrings, just like people, with their name or identification number on it!