Holstein cattle are most quickly recognized by their distinctive color markings and outstanding milk production. Holsteins are large, stylish animals with color patterns of black and white or red and white. A healthy Holstein calf weighs 90 pounds or more at birth. A mature Holstein cow weighs about 1,500 pounds and stands 58 inches tall at the shoulder. Holstein heifers can be bred at 13 months of age, when they weigh about 800 pounds. It is desirable to have Holstein females calve for the first time between 23 and 26 months of age. Holstein gestation is approximately nine months. While some cows may live considerably longer, the average productive life of a Holstein is approximately four years.

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A mostly white body is covered with deep mahogany (reddish brown) spots. An efficient grazer, she is noted for her vigor and efficiency of milk production.

Brown Swiss

Docile and friendly, she can be grey, brown, tan and almost white in color. Her milk boasts an ideal fat to protein ratio for cheese-making.


Softer faun brown and white markings cover her face and body. Her milk is golden in color and high in beta carotene, which is converted in Vitamin A.


Distinct black and white markings, no two Holsteins are exactly alike. Her ability to convert feed into protein for human consumption is unique.


Generally smaller than Holsteins and light to medium brown in color, her milk is generally higher in butterfat.

Milking Shorthorn

Thought to be the first cow breed in America, versatility is one of her greatest attributes.

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